Home Sweet Home

Hair gel, lipstick, high heeled pumps and french tips?  No thank you.  I would prefer a ponytail, the sun on my neck and bare feet, fresh dirt under my fingernails and homemade bread baking in the oven.  I'd prefer a log cabin nestled in the woods over my decent sized neighborhood home, a wood stove over my microwave, a garden over the grocery store, homeschooling my children over dealing with the public system and completely going back to the basics.  Give me the simple life.
Although I do enjoy amenities such as indoor plumbing and electricity, I would give that up for a taste of peace, of serenity and the ability to teach my children (uninterrupted) the morals of true life, the value of hard work, team work, togetherness and nature.  I want them to appreciate what God gave us before being sucked into the whiles of what society expects from us.
I've had many ask me... "Would that lifestyle really prepare your kids for life in the 21st century?"  My response is always... "absolutely!"  My children would have the same opportunity to attend school for the career of their choosing if it is, in fact, what they decide.  There, they would learn their career. While at home growing up, however, they learn the basics of life, in general.  What is the greatest basic of a firefighter or a police officer? Strength and bravery.  What is the greatest basic of being a chef?  Teamwork and knowledge.  What is the greatest basic of being a teacher?  Wisdom and patience.  What is the greatest basic of being a wife, husband, mother and father?  Value, togetherness and love.  All take dedication, commitment and hard work.  All can come from taking pride in how they live and not sitting around the house playing video games or hanging out on the streets with friends.  That pride is the truest attribute in preparing my children to be a part of the  21st century.
Life has become too convenient that we have lost what is meaningful and important.  We all run on power and money and self importance and where we can find the next thrill and what we think will fulfill us.  How many of us stop and look around to what we have and say 'What if...'  What if... I lost all I had? What if... there was no more money? What if... the grocery stores closed? What if... the schools closed?  What if... all technical devices crashed?  Would we be prepared?
It's time to embrace what God has given us and learn how to live dependently for Him but also independently in this world with what He gives us daily.  It's time to go back and remember a time when He was more important in our lives than money, than power, than anything. When we find that place again, we will call it home because we will suddenly realize that we were never where we thought we were and we will realize we are now where we're supposed to be.